About Me

I love what I do

I love to design, write and paint and when I'm not doing one I'm doing the other

The past year I have been working at a number of wonderful agencies including Fjord, R/GA, SapientNitro, Imagination, mcgarrybowen, Splendid Unlimited and a couple of lovely little brand/service design agencies.

Within this year I have worked on the UI across a number of different products and large website redesigns including the redesign of Boots.com, a new product for B&Q, Jaguar, HSBC and Western Union. I also worked on a connected app for Europe’s smartest building using geo locations, multiple API’s and customer information. I strategised the UI and UX deliveries for Boots and a new TV interface for EE. Due to working under NDA, I am unable to show the work at present but don’t be perturbed they will be shown soon.

I have nearing 11 nine experience in design, the past 6 or so in a senior position mentoring and managing good design and equally good designers. I adhere to current web standards and styles, while trying to push an equal balance between form and function as I believe they work together.

Clients should be able to confidently extend upon your design system once you’re gone.
By Ray Sensenbach


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